Is CCBCF affiliated with any other colleges/schools?
It is, with Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC) in Murrieta, California.

Where the classes held / what is the campus like?
All Classes are held at the schools Educational site (CCBCF). The building is directing across the street from the (CCBCF) church building. The facility is large and has plenty of rooms to hold classes. Also, this lends to the involvement and interaction between students and church staff.

What are classes like?
Most classes at CCBCF are in-depth studies of the Bible. There are many classes where the subject is a book of the Bible: Genesis, Romans, and John. In addition to these classes, CCBCF offers other classes based on topics: Worship, Bible Study Methods, and Apologetics. Regardless of the class, CCBCF places a high value on the Word of God and integrates it into each class. We believe this is an effective method God uses to transform our lives to love Him more and seek to serve Him better.

What size are the classes?
Class sizes are predicted to be small due to how young the college is. Since CCBCF has only just opened, and there are a small number of students, each class will have a low student to instructor ratio.

What are the demographics of the student body?
Open to anyone and everyone who desires to grow in their faith and be equipped to serve Jesus in whatever capacity He has for them. Therefore, like the Kingdom of God, the student body is very diverse. There are many different age groups, backgrounds, and life stories. We believe the natural outflow of this will be that people will grow closer to one another, have deeper friendships than ever, and be encouraged in their faith more than they thought they would. Each of us has something to offer each other, and we need one another in our pursuit of Jesus.

Are all students only from Calvary Chapel churches?
No. CCBCF is for all who love Jesus and want to grow in Him and be equipped to serve.

What does one do with a degree from Bible College?
The Goal of CCBCF is to prepare our students to live excellent Christian lives and to prepare them for a lifetime of Christian living and service. While the ATh is not a “ministerial achievement” degree, it lays a foundation that prepares our students for a life of ministry in many venues and platforms. Because it is a ministry of Living Way Christian Fellowship, students are exposed to ministry in a very personal and practical way. This exposure often helps students grow in discerning God’s call on their life as well as open possible doors of future ministry.

Will other colleges accept CCBCF credits?
Each institution makes an independent decision in this regard.

Is CCBC accredited?
No, CCBCF is not an accredited college. So far the leadership has chosen not to pursue accreditation at this point. CCBCF is a religious-exempt institution as verified by the State of California’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

What degrees do you offer?
CCBCF offers an Associate in Theology that is awarded upon completion of our two year curriculum. There are several options as well. We currently offer:

Bachelor of Biblical Studies
The BA in Biblical Studies is a two-year program for students who have or are completed Associate of Arts degree or higher-level degree at another college. Acceptance is conditional upon submission of official transcripts that show evidence of their earned degree, and a copy of that school’s catalogue. The BA in Biblical Studies degree consists of 72 semester credits earned here, combined with the Associate of Arts degree or higher.

Associate in Theology
The Associate in Theology is a two-year program intended for students who have completed high school, a GED Program, or the equivalent. Students must take all the required courses here and pass them with a grade of C- or better.

Certificate of Completion
The Certificate of Completion is a course of study intended for students who are not prepared for college-level academics or are not high school graduates. The spiritual training in this program is identical to that of the Associate in Theology or the BA in Biblical Studies. In the Certificate Program, the students complete the courses on a Pass/Fail basis and this requires the student to attend classes 100% of the time and complete assignments to a passing standard. Students must receive a grad of “Pass” in all classes.
A total of 72 credits must be earned by the student. Students walk through the graduation ceremony and receive the Certificate of Completion just as a degree student.

Is there financial aid available?
No, there is no financial aid available. We believe that where God guides, God provides. If He is calling a student to attend CCBCF, then He will make a way for them to attend.

Do I need a laptop?
We recommend that you have your own computer since there will be communication that will happen between instructors and students via the internet and email. Printers will be available for students to use in the CCBCF library..

Why do you check my Facebook profile?
It is our desire at CCBCF to have students who are passionate and serious about their walk with the Lord and want to live a life that is reflective of that. One way that this passion and love is evident is your “online presence”. Today more than ever before, people are living their lives online. Much of ourselves is posted for the world to see, therefore, we want that presence to be one that supports your love for Jesus. Please be careful what you post, what you say, what pictures you show, and what others are saying about you. We will be checking.

The climate is mildly warm with occasional cold and hot days. It is not always sunny and hot, so jeans, shorts shirts, sweaters, and a good jacket is good.

The school uses an integrated website where students have access to a portal where they can retrieve and submit assignments etc. Nowadays most people have almost everything else on their phone: alarm etc.. Keep it minimal, there is no need for a stereo etc. An mp3 device is needed for The OT and NT Survey classes.

All students should have a Bible (yes, it is on your phone, but physical Bibles are needed as well as the text books required for the course.)